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DaaS Vs. SaaS – What’s The Difference? 

July 17, 2024

As more and more organizations switch to a cloud computing model to simplify business services, two formats have risen to the forefront – DaaS and SasS, otherwise known as Desktop as a Service and Software as a Service respectively. Let’s look at the similarities and where they diverge to determine which may be best for…


A Beginner’s Guide To VoIP 

March 6, 2024

Suppose your small or medium-sized business is looking for alternatives to traditional phone service or the equally traditional eye-popping phone bill. Also suppose your organization is looking for services such as messaging platforms, video conferencing capabilities, and expanded phone services from anywhere the internet takes them. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may be the perfect…

virtual meeting on a computer

The Benefits of a Help Desk Service

February 21, 2024

There is nothing more frustrating in the workplace than a recurring and time-consuming technical issue that stops the flow of work and hampers the morale and mood of the office. From printers that stop connecting to devices with internet connectivity issues and from an inability to log in to forgotten passwords, the list could go…

10 Things To Ask Your Managed Service Provider 

February 14, 2024

As a Managed Service Provider for many organizations, including those in the healthcare and small business industries, we are proud of our commitment to providing exceptional technology services including AWS, security, compliance and IT support to our clients.  When initially researching and starting the consultation process with a Managed Service Provider, there are some key…

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The Role of IT in HIPAA Compliance 

February 7, 2024

The medical field has evolved in the past few decades not only in treatments but in protecting patient privacy and sensitive information. Gone are the days of patient information being kept in physical folders or within the confines of a singular medical office. Communication and collaboration with medical professionals nationally and globally have become the…


The Human Element of Cyber Security 

January 17, 2024

A crucial aspect of cyber security that is often overlooked is the human element. An alarming percentage of data breach incidents are believed to be caused by employees either inadvertently or purposely clicking on something malicious, or not following best practices when it comes to cyber security.  A recent study that probed the causes of…