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Why Is The Office Printer Such a Problem? 

January 18, 2023

Ask anyone in your office which piece of technology is the least reliable, most commonly broken, or most loathed and the typical answer will be the office printer. Whether it is jammed, out of ink, or just being stubborn, the office printer is by far the most problematic piece of equipment in the business sphere. …


Why Varying Passwords Is So Critical 

January 11, 2023

Gone are the days of each of us having one password for a business login and one for our personal login. In today’s highly digitized world the average computer user has over 100 passwords for both personal and business accounts from client portals to project management software and from Netflix to our own personal email.…

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Make Your Computer Hardware Last Longer 

January 4, 2023

With inflation rising and the threat of a global recession dangling like a sword over our heads, it seems like a good time to review some techniques to keep your expensive computer hardware working a bit longer this year.  With the cost of a server somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000 or more, and laptops…

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Is 2023 The Year To Invest in New Hardware?

December 21, 2022

The new year is quickly approaching and for many businesses that means taking stock of what expenditures may need to occur in the workplace in the coming year. There are so many areas that may need repair or replacement including the computers and devices that your workforce uses to do their critical work.  The last…