Securing Your Business Email

Most business leaders have a love-hate relationship with email. On one hand, email is the main channel of communication for businesses to connection with clients, customers, vendors, and employees. It is needed to maintain good communication and customer relations. It is imperative to keeping all employees on the same page and understanding the progress... read more »

Why is Your System Running Slow

As an IT managed service provider for small-to-medium businesses, our clients often ask us questions about their systems, networks, and hardware. One common question that our customers mention (usually while we are doing routine upgrades or maintenance) is “why is my computer, system, or device running slow?” Without taking a closer look at the... read more »

Business Tools to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Small- and medium-sized business are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity in order to do the job right or improve customer service across the board. Inefficiency and lack of robust productivity can lead to customer complaints, communication issues, wasted resources, information bottlenecks or redundancies and, ultimately, employee frustration. Here are a... read more »

How to “Microsoft Office” – a Beginners Guide to Common Questions

  Since its debut in 1988, 1.2 billion people have benefited from the family of client software, server software, and services, collectively known as Microsoft Office. Are you one of the billions? Do you use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Scripting Languages, Office Mobile, or one of the other business applications that are accessible through... read more »

Spectra Network Remote Management Services

Today’s small-and-medium-sized businesses expect that their IT networks will function quietly in the background and keep their daily business operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, in the world of increased server demands, security risks, and more complex networks, this idyllic scenario does not always happen and the consequence is that a company’s work could come to... read more »